All you need to know about hospitality management

In this post we will look at what hospitality and hospitality management mean, where you can learn about it, what careers you can strive at, where you could work with an education in hospitality management and what you could possibly earn in future.

What does hospitality mean?

To understand what hospitality means, we have to look at its origin first. To word stems from the latin word hospitālitāt which translates roughly to entertainment of guests. Centuries ago, hospitality was also associated with providing food, shelter and safety to travelers. Today, little has changed and hospitality still describes the relationship between guests and hosts whereby food, shelter, and entertainment are most important part.

What does hospitality management mean?

Hospitality managment is a compound phrase which consists of hospitality and management. We defined hospitality as the reception of guests and serving their needs while they are traveling. The management part makes it a scientific endeavor because you have to serve hundreds of people. Therefore you have to delegate the work to employees which you have to manage. Hospitality managers have to handle all guest related services in bed and breakfasts, resorts, motels, hotels, and cruise ships to name a few. Ultimately the goal of hospitality managment is to ensure guests feel like they are at home even though more than a handful of employees have to pull on the same string to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.


Because hospitality managers have to deal with so many people and the stakes can be very high, a degree in hospitality management is indispensible. Errors can lead to huge financial losses for hotel owners and they expect only top talent to lead and manage their establishments.

Luckily there are several institutions around the world that provide top notch courses in hospitality management. A degree in hospitality management can usually take you 2 to 4 years depending on your committment. There are even options out there that can take you longer if you want to continue working while studying.

Below we are listing some schools that offer hospitality management degrees or hospitality management courses. Some of these are highly prestigious institutions and also come with a hefty price tag. But, if you succeed, the future compensation can be more than enough to warrant your investment in a good education. More on this later.

Requirements and skills required for hospitality management

To succeed in the field of hospitality management, employees need to have a diverse set of skills and a sophisticated education to succeed. As already mentioned, the stakes are high in this industry and every bad interaction with a customer can lead to bad reviews on online platforms which can lead to financial losses for the business in the future. Below we list some of the requirements:


As hospitality managers you will have to complete several tasks on a daily basis. Starting at meeting business goals down to little trifles with difficult customers that need your attention. Some of your responsibilities may include:


With a degree in hospitality management or sufficient experience in the hospitality industry, you can work at numerous establishments like:

At these hospitality establishments you can work in different sectors to create an exceptional customer satisfaction. Some of them include sommelier, restaurant manager, chef, front office manager, or accommodation manager to just name a few. Ultimately, having a hospitality management degree can be advantageous if you own your own hotel, motel or resort. Often they are family business that should stay in the family.

Salaries in hospitality management

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics salaries can vary a lot according to your experience. The median salary is about $56,000 and can range from $32,000 to $110,000 in 2020 with more than 10 years experience.